Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Food Play

Food Play began in 2008 as a way to entertain and educate a group of children whose mothers were part of a network at the South Florida Women's Health Center. A dedicated group of friends built a network of support within the community to help feed, give clothing, and care to the homeless and at risk living in the Hollywood, Florida area on Highway US1. During Grand Opening of the Women's Center in July of 2008,  Food Play was introduced was introduced in three sessions along with Dirt Play and Painting Without Brushes.

The first six kids to sit and play were all vegan and had no problem with the concept of touching, feeling, tasting and creating with vegetables. It was thought to be a great success. The challenge began when the next group of eight kids sat down saying 'ewe', 'yuck', 'I'm not touching that'... and so the Play began. After a few words and simple tricks, all the children started to build and create.

Since that first day in Hollywood, Food Play has been a great success. Not one child has left the table unsatisfied, once they see peas as eyes and mushrooms as heads, all becomes play and nothing is a vegetable anymore. The secret of Food Play is not magic... it is the imagination which allows for acceptance. Art turns food into medium and plantains into pirate ships filled with golden (corn) treasures.

Food Play turned from an idea to entertain into a tool to help educate and entice children to eat better. After just one session parents have noticed their children more interested in eating, buying, or playing with vegetables at home!

In ten years Food Play has evolved in so many ways. First and foremost Thanks to all the grocery stores, famers markets and produce vendors who supported Plays over the years. Many Thanks to The Pollination Project for first funding and supporting Food Play as an event in Vegan Restaurants as well as the first supporters of the 12x12 Project which has grown as the main support of Food Play through EAO Art Shop. Many Thanks also to ALDI USA for supporting Friday Fundays in Miami at Lotus House. Without the help of the community none of this would be possible.

Thank You!!!

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